Inspired by the love of historical quirks, I'm having fun bringing this ingenious forgotten symbolic language to the forefront for contemporary use. They easily accommodate the iconic driven culture that's emerging. 

Hobos were prideful in that they both traveled and worked, while tramps only traveled and bums did neither. If you called a Hobo a bum or a tramp, they were highly insulted - rightfully so.
— Val -

Building from the original historic hobo-glyph language, I am inspired to bring the symbols forward to meet contemporary statements and continually evolve to keep up with demands. An example of this would be the translation of the original symbol meaning "good place to hang out" to the contemporary meaning of "you've arrived" and the original "picnic here" to the contemporary meaning of "localvore'

Meanwhile, you can read up on the origins of the symbolic language that years ago assisted hundreds of thousands of people and reflect upon how once again this symbolic language rises once again to usefulness.